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The Confident Career blog:

Joe Weinlick
Head of marketing at Beyond.com, Joe focuses on writing short perspectives to help job seekers be heard.

Julie Shenkman
As Social Media Manager for Beyond.com, Julie hears from job seekers and career professionals every day, and she writes articles that address common concerns.

Karen Weik
From broadcast journalist to current Sales Representative at Beyond.com (and recent career changer), Karen is The Confident Career’s voice of the job seeker — and she’s here to tell your story.

John Scott
As a Career Advocate at Beyond.com, John counsels job seekers about their resume and provides insight into making a positive first impression with employers.

Gina Deveney
As Beyond.com's Brand Communications Manager, Gina is always looking out for a good story, and she scours the web for inspiring, useful and fun content to share.

George Jacob
As Community Editor at Beyond.com, George works to inform job seekers so they can develop their respective careers.

Mark Anderson
Mark’s role as VP of Employer Sales for Beyond.com gives him a unique perspective on the hiring process — which he’ll use to help you have a more successful job search experience.

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