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John Smith

What about when one has a common name? Some employers are so convinced they have dirt on the "John Smith" applying for a job that they are unwilling to accept the possibility of another "John Smith" posting online in the same large metro area.


I am an Indian christian jobless graduate
In my life I had face injustice and inequality throughout in India.
Getting job for minority is very difficult because of illegal and
corrupted political drama and partiality.

I need a job somewhere can you help me

New Delhi

Robyn Williams

I have on-line presence and belong to nurse sites where we blog about our work, we blog at a "decompression room", basically, it's not always positive, we,as nurses need to have some place to "vent" as this work experience is our "real life" and in real life things are not always positive, we learn from negative experiences,ours and others,so we should not be judged by a comment, or single picture, unless it is obvious, like sticking up your middle finger, or exposing yourself on-line, not good.....ever.

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