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Ken White

Thank you for the geographic information related to job hirings. Job searching has changed radically since I last looked for a job (2011, and before that in 2004). It seems that recruiters don't, maybe they never did, seem to have the job seeker's best interests in mind. I find this more than surprising, but I have had three or four recruiters that really can't even distinguish the acronyms on my resume. Granted, information technology can be a confusing industry, however, I'm beginning to think I'd be a better IT recruiter than to continue to work in my area of expertise in technology. At least I know the difference between LINUX & Microsoft server administrator position on a resume when I see it. (Sorry, my cynicism is showing.) I understand that the employers typically pay the bill, but if the recruiter can't make a feasible match, they don't get paid. I'll let it go at that and get back into the hunt.

Vanessa Jackson

Stop sending me emails.
Vanessa Jackson.

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