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Mohamed hamad

Am so much inspired by documentary. Am hoping to get more updates, thank you and keep on updating

Hire Dave

Research & Follow-Up
How does one do that when most job ads are either through a recruiter or do not give the name of the company placing the ad?

How about some real-world advice for landing an interview?!


Hire Dave, It's true that it's hard to follow up when you don't know the company hiring. It's cases like this when this advice won't apply. But there are companies that post their own jobs and you can do some digging to find out who's hiring. Sometimes companies have unique job titles and you can run a quick Google search to figure out who the job is with. Also, don't forget that your network of contacts is a wonderful resource to get hired. In fact, HR professionals say employee referrals are the best resource for finding candidates yet only 7% of job seekers are using referrals to find jobs.

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