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me never fire you

Genifer Johnson

Sadly, HRM has become little more than an conveyor belt assembly line. The applicants spend a ridiculous amount of time filling out online "applications" that a human never sees. If the computer accepts the screening, eventually the applicant may speak with a person - maybe. Some companies don't even give the courtesy of an acknowledgment of the application in process, nor notification to the applicant of the standing. What is never known is if anyone actually read the application, or simply relied on the computer application.
HRM also ignores the fact the company is being screened by the applicant, as well. An applicant may have a question, which once answered, may mean the applicant is not interested in the company or the position. However, until the applicant reaches a living, breathing person, that can't be determined. Get it together, HRM! Remember the first letter stands for "Human."

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