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Accredited Life Experience Degree

This information is really good for preparing yourself for interviews and similar things. I am pursuing some online education as well and got online degree for enhancing my future.


I really appreciate this information but my personal experience suggests that people might want to hold out for a job that fits your experience level. I have a PhD and didn't want to do the publish or perish routine so I started looking for jobs. Inevitably my search lasted long enough that I took a job for which I was overqualified. I made a lot of great improvements to my organization because it was so easy for me to fulfill my job duties but I am bored out of my mind. Now, because I've had this lower level job for a few years, I have to start lower on the ladder now that I've finally decided it's really not worth being so bored.


Isn't it giving false information to not include your education/experiences on your resume. For example, if you have a PhD and not include that in your resume? I would think that would be misleading and dishonest.


Most of the professional information is on Social media. Employers are using many of these websites to get inside scoop on candidates and many a times they use third-party means to get the information.

Majority of the time there is Age Discrimination...read a few articles that highlight this trend. Further, a retired HR personnel admitted that age discrimination is a fact.

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