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Steven Farris

Jobs 1,6,8,and 10 have *all* existed for more than ten years. Anyone who says differently is just pain wrong. Also job 9, which I believe is your cloud developer, technically also existed, but it is just different enough to allow it to receive new status. That is half of these.



Bob Lockhart

I would put every one of these on a list of pre-existing jobs. They are all variations of old jobs spun to seem like something new.

Jon Goff

App developer = programmer, been around for half a century
Podcasts = talkshow host, been around for half a century or more
AI Engineer= Ummm, Alan Turing, Google him
SEO Specialists have been around since the late 90's early 2000's
Influencer = Celebrity, been around the better part of a century
Data Miner = Market analyis, we've been doing it for decades.

Now, one you left off is your job: Click Bait writer.


What does the picture with two chicks and cotton candies have to do with new jobs?

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